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Patanjali Ayurved Ltd. was established way back in 2006. The company’s aim was to improve the food quality in both rural and urban areas. However, the main priority was to offer this improved quality food at low rates.

With such a large variety of products offered by Patanjali, it is not shocking that they are able to cater to the tastes of such a large customer base.

Every product launched by Patanjali comes with a unique ID. If there seems to be an issue with one product in a batch, they make sure to remove the entire batch from the market.

With a collection of more than 1000 products in the market and more than 5000 Patanjali Stores established all over India, Patanjali is looking forward to increasing their network by joining hands with more franchisees, distributors, dealers and agents.

Patanjali Franchise Cost

The cost of Patanjali Franchise depends on which type of franchise you have opted for. Depending on your location, we will suggest the most suitable franchise model to you.

For example, if you are from a rural area then we will provide you with a basic franchise set up which requires little investment.

Applicants from urban areas have access to a lot of customers and so need to invest more!

Patanjali Franchise
Patanjali Distributorship
Patanjali Franchise
Patanjali Distributorship


We will help you to start the Patanjali Ayurved Business in your area. We are not the business provider, we will only guide you to get the business and will help you to connect the right person without demanding a single penny. Be in Mind we are only the middle man between you and the Patanjali Ayurved Limited.

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